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SEAT is About Life-Long Friendships
“SEAT Is A Global Community of Like-Minded Professionals”

Steve Reese“SEAT is the highlight of my year! Year in and year out, this conference has given me the opportunity to reconnect with my sports “Family”. Thanks SEAT for putting on an awesome event!!” ”   ~ Steve Reese, Chief Information Officer at Phoenix Suns


“It is impossible for me to explain what attending SEAT will do for you as a sport professional. You simply have to try it for yourself to experience the amazing sharing of knowledge, unique international networking and unparalleled atmosphere. See you in SEATTLE! #FOMO” ~ Jesper Nyholm, CEO 7peaks / Chief of Online & eHealth Gamification at Denmark Olympics


“SEAT 2017 Somehow has surpassed the prior conferences and every other conference I’ve attended including those I chair! The quality of the content, the networking and the atmosphere are amazing but at this point after five years, I expect it and yet am still amazed.”       ~ Paul Greenberg, Founder & Managing Principal at The 56 Group, LLC


“Each season participating in SEAT still find it the single best to attend for sports and entertainment professionals.”       ~ Chip Suttles, Vice President Technology at Seattle Seahawks

“SEAT is the most intimate & engaging sports and entertainment conference-event across Europe and the world. I’ve attended five SEAT  conferences, three in the USA and two in London - the content, collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking is absolutely the best in the industry! SEAT is a MUST-ATTEND event EVERY year!”     ~ David Jones, Sr.Vice President,Technology-AEG Europe/O2 Arena


“SEAT Like nothing I have ever experienced so unbelievably worthwhile, bring on the next one.”   – Jeremy Burrows, Manager, ICT and Office Services at New Zealand Rugby



“SEAT is a wonderful opportunity to meet your peers and discuss common problems. It is a great place to hear solutions and develop friendships that will help your team and your career. You will find that everyone is helpful and the sessions are great. Even rivals on the field help each other at SEAT. Great experience!”   ~Tommy Regan, Director of IT at VIrginia Tech Athletics



“SEAT represents the nexus of the great minds of sport who are shaping the future of the industry.”       ~ Peter Sorckoff , Strategic Partner at WITH/agency




EXECUTIVE - This track will provide Executives all the tools they need to move their career forward and continue on a successful personal & professional journey.


HARD HAT: ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN Discussions include Designing and Renovating Venues keeping the outcome in mind; Creating a Technology & Operational Framework for Decision-Making ; Smart building, IoT, How to Partner with Owners’ Rep, Architects, Contractors, etc; Leveraging Technology in the Architecture & Design of Venues; How to use Technology for Analytics,; Security Considerations in Venues – both physical and cyber/data; Data Center of the Future & Planning; Backup & Recovery Solutions & Planning for Disaster Recovery

COLLEGIATE INDUSTRY LEADERS - Sunday morning closed-door program with collegiate leaders and focused industry discussions

SEAT Roundtable discussions


“As a kid at Christmas you had that excitement of Christmas Day. You know that under the tree there is a gift for you and you can’t wait to open it. For me that is what SEAT is. I’m excited to get there because I know I will see some new technologies. I’m gonna meet really smart individuals who can add value to me both professionally and personally. If you could only attend one conference, this is it. Christine and her team have done an amazing job.”            Jerard Butts, Assistant Athletics Director Information Technology at Ole Miss


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